Covid-19 Precautions

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Life sure is different right now–for you and your pet. As a caregiver, I do everything I can to make sure you, your home and your pet remain safe as possible while we all cope with the Covid-19 crisis.

I follow these protocols:

  • Wearing a mask at all times I am in your home and with your pet.
  • Washing my hands or using hand sanitizer before and after touching your pet.
  • Limiting how often I touch doorknobs, countertops, light switches and pet supplies in your home.
  • Cleaning all touch points with CDC-approved cleaning wipes, which I carry with me at all times.
  • Maintaining a distance of more than 6 feet from other people while walking dogs.
  • Selecting quiet, uncrowded routes for walking dogs to minimize interactions with others.
  • Limiting close personal contact with pets. For example, avoid allowing others to kiss pets on the head or allowing them to lick faces while in my care.
  • Communicating regularly via text, phone or email with you.
  • Having a bonded and insured backup caregiver should I knowingly be exposed to anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 or if I become ill with any symptoms matching those of Covid-19.

Based on the latest scientific research, there is limited evidence suggesting that humans could infect their pets with this coronavirus or that pets can get sick from this virus. There is no evidence that pets spread this virus to humans. However, it is possible that the virus could live on a pet’s skin or fur for a brief period of time, as it does on human hands or other surfaces.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to discuss them with me.

Updated 9/2020