Teresa I’m Teresa Chavez, the owner of Montgomery County Pet Sitters. For the past decade, I have cared for dogs, cats, rabbits, fish–even a scrambled egg-eating turtle named Lucky! I feel lucky to have a special connection to animals, ever since I was a small girl.

Before I became a full-time animal caregiver, I worked in the childcare industry. It is a true honor to be known by clients for being responsible, trustworthy and loving.

Bonded and insured
• Member, Pet Sitters International
• Certified in pet first aid
• Experienced administering medication, including injectibles
• Spanish-English bilingual

I always show genuine respect for animals, including giving them positive reinforcement, ensuring their physical and mental health, and protecting them from harm.
• I follow the wishes of loving owners.
• I live up to your trust in me. I respect your property and privacy at all times.
• I care about the environment, so I always clean up after pets.
• I show respect to other people around me, especially being cautious around people who may be afraid of dogs.

(Many of these photos were taken before the Covid-19 pandemic. These days, all my selfies with pets are in a mask, and I limit time indoors with dogs.)

Why hire a pet sitter

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